custom curtains new orleans  Luxuirous, sumptuous, breathtaking, are a few words that can describe our custom curtains.  Our silks drapes are absolutely stunning, in both our smooth and textured silk dupioni fabrics.  
We currently offer custom silk dupioni drapes, silk taffeta drapes and curtains, bordered silk drapes, striped silk drapes, tiered silk drapery panels, and our silk fleur de lis drapes.  
Our faux silk drapes are so beautiful, you would swear they were real silk drapes.  We offer serveral styles in our linen collection.  We also have sheer curtains and kids drapes and curtains. 
We have a large variety of custom made curtains.  We offer several lenghts including 95 inch curtains, 108 inch curtains, and 120 inch curtains.  Hand selected from top designer fabrics, all of our draperies are sure to be a conversational peice for your space.  If you would like us to turn your fabric into wonderful master pieces, please visit our
customer own material (C.O.M.) link for more information.  You can ship us your fabric and we will create stunning custom drapes and curtains for you.
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